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From Boomers to Zoomers, and the hosts who are in between.

Nick Massouh and Jessica Lynn Verdi unpack our rapidly changing world while examining generational differences. No subject is off the table, no words are left on the cutting room floor, and conversations are always funny, poignant, thoughtful, and ridiculous every time.

Got a suggestion or Gen Z question or trend you think we should know? Email us and you might just get a shoutout on the episode!

Aug 5, 2022

As you may already know, Jessica excites easily, but this week's episode takes the cake. Dr. Chris Bell stops by the YDKN Pod to drop some sincerely amazing knowledge with a huge dose of humor and kindness. All the while, Jessica doesn't know whether to shut up and listen or to enthusicastically emote. Enjoy!

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Jul 29, 2022

Eliot Hochberg, of Never Not Funny fame, stops by the Streamyard and chats for awhile. They both have lots to talk about but things take a turn when Eliot has to have a real talk with Jess.

Podcast of the Rings, a deep dive into the lore of Middle Earth preparing you for the new Amazon Prime TV Show, Rings of Power....

Jul 22, 2022

After a brief break, YDKN returns with nepotism in full swing. Nick still isn't back on the show, so Jessica scrambles for guests. This week, she enlists her boyfriend, Alexander Mitchell, aka Solkattu, to fill in the gap.

Jess and Alex discuss their new podcast, Podcast of the Rings, where Alex schools Jess on what...

Jul 1, 2022

If this episode doesn't make you smile from ear to ear, then nothing will. A full hour spent with our special guest, Amanda Troop, is enough to brighten anyone's week. Jessica and Amanda discuss perfectionism, acheiving your dreams, pizza, improv, cows, and more in this week's interview.

Aman-duh does amazing things all...

Jun 25, 2022

*Smol Note: Jessica's audio isn't GREAT. But it is a vast improvement considering how bad it was to begin with. We have Earl Green to thank for making this episode listenable.*

You Don't Know, Nick is blessed with Glaiza Champion's presence this week. Jessica uses the excuse to have them on the podcast in order to get...